4 Best DIY Wall Sconces That are Perfect For Your Home

Installing a light fixture on the wall is a compelling way of suggesting additional light into your room and establishing a significant ambiance and lighting. People utilized wall lighting for a long time within public places and homes.

Today, there are unlimited contemporary, modern, and restless styles of wall sconces, all of that will suit a collection of various living space styles and themes. Wall lighting is an excellent way to emphasize a specific portion of the space apart from being overwhelming.

Other than this, selecting wall lighting compared to another fixture is a great way to conserve on high energy costs. Some excellent locations to place a wall sconce lighting are the overhead of the kitchen sink where you wash up the dishes, above a work of art of which you wish to highlight, and above the desk in your workspace. The judgment is yours!

A do-it-yourself sconce would add character and style to your home. For a little help, here are some of the best DIY wall sconces ideas that will suit the needs of your home. Also read 7 Best Outdoor Toys to Keep Kids Busy and Energetic on our blog.

Stone Sconce

Making a stone sconce at home is super simple and inexpensive. Almost anyone can do this DIY project. It is so creative and efficient as well. You just need to have two pieces of thick wood at your desired size, a special adhesive, some fancy stones, metal, screws and hook for hanging the frames, and a candle in glassware.

First, you need to put together the two portions of wood with the screws. Then tighten the hook at the back of the wood with a screw to be able to hang the structure. Next, attach the stones with the special adhesive at the top of the material and then set aside to let it dry.

Finally, affix the finished product on the wall. Then put the glass candlestick on it. And ta-da! You have your simple yet chic stone sconce that adds style to any plain wall.

Wood Wall Sconce

Are you bored with those modern wall lights fixtures and you want to replace them? Well, hello my friend. These DIY wall sconces are right for you. They are very easy to construct plus they turn out to be remarkable.

The supplies you need to have are wood, wood stain, rag, wood glue, screws with drywall anchors (optional), metal keyhole hangers, and mini photo frame hangers (optional). The first step is to get the measurements around the lights. You need the height, width, and depth to make sure that the wood wall sconce will cover the light entirely.

Cut three portions of wood using the assessment you made. Two for each side and one for the facade. If you do not have metal keyhole hangers or mini photo frame hangers, you can make your keyholes. Make a slot in the top of the corner at the back of the side pieces and make a small hole over the slot made to accord a screw.

Then utilize some wood stain to make it like a barn wood. Stick some glue to attach the pieces collectively. Set aside for a few hours and then it is time to hang it up. Use a drill to make small holes in the wall and put wall plugs into the small openings.

Industrial Wall Sconce

If you want to make an improved wall sconce for your contemporary industrial bedroom, then this DIY project is for you. For instance, you can use a second-hand metal utensil holder. First, you need to drill a hole at the bottom of the canister. Then attach the flange, pipe elbow, and pipe flange.

Next, take a scrap of wood that is 4″ x 4″ x 3/4″ thick and make sure that the hole is broad enough for the cords to fit all the way. Mark four sections for the screws to be able to hold it in place. Paint it with any colors that you want.

Finally, affix the light socket from the lamp in place. Do not forget to drizzle paint on the canister and mount it on the wall once done.

Rustic Candle Sconce

Rustic style is chic and stylish despite the involvement of wood. The main principle is to incorporate it with an assortment of stuff to generate a one of a kind result. Associate the wood with glass and metal chain to contribute glamor but still preserving that rustic ambiance.

To get started, you will need salvaged wood, hand saw, spray paint, nails with a small scale head, two thumbtacks, one flexible wire and wire cutters, two gold chain, wood glue, painter’s tape, hammer, and candles in a glass hurricane.

First, you need to cut the wood into your desired shelf size. Sand down the wood to have a smooth texture. For the back side, hammer the two thumbtacks and twirl a fragment of wire across to form a hanger.

Then, cover the top area of the design using the painter’s tape and put paint in the area where there is no tape. Do multiple thin coats. If the paint is dry, remove the tape and put a nail in the chain link. Stretch the chain into 45 degrees angle and cut off the excess. Do the same process to the other side. Place the candle on the shelf, and there you go. You have a rustic sconce!


A wall light fixture offers warmth and light to a room, and a modern one adds a taste of style and elegance although not everyone can afford the price of some contemporary sconces. But have no fear! These 4 DIY projects are low costs and will give you a look like it is from a fancy store.

You can make these DIY stone sconce, wood wall sconce, industrial wall sconce, and rustic candle sconce at your home with no sweat at all.