Producers against Vishal met with the Chief Minister at the head of Bharathiaraja

Producers Association led by Bharathiarajah led MLAs Aallapakappan, K. Rajan and SV Sekhar and 10 others, including Chief Minister Edappadi Palani,

It was followed by the outside of them. The Director of the Producers Union is functioning in Tirunagar after Vishal was appointed as Director of Bharati Raja, Producer Association. Who gave the power to Vishal. Speaking of the existing Producers’ Union Executive Committee, he said that there was no transparency.

It was followed by the actor JK. Ritish and Vishal have done wrong. He has spent 8 crores saved for 40 years. Vishal does not need to be angry. Vishal is trying to show himself before the media. Ilayaraja will have to pay Rs three crore to the club for 50 crore rupees. The producer’s union said that Ilayaraja would be shown to avoid the date of the election date.

Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu Information and Advertising Minister Kadambur Raju met the journalists. He was asked about the Producer Union affair. He replied that the issue of Tamil Film Producers Association and the Tamil Nadu government had nothing to do with it. In this case, the Chief Minister is expected to announce a new decision on the Tamil filmmaker’s affair.

India vs Australia Test Series 2018 Warner and Smith Out of the Series

India will begin the first of their four-match Test series at Adelaide Oval from December 6

India are being touted as favourites to win their first-ever Test series in Australia (Reuters Photo)


  • Rahane refused to believe Australia will be vulnerable in the absence of Smith and Warner
  • The India vice-captain said Australian bowling attack is capable of winning them Test matches
  • India will begin the first of their four-match Test series at Adelaide Oval from December 6
In a first, India are being tipped as favourites to win an unprecedented Test series in Australia as the hosts are missing two of their best batsmen – David Warner and Steve Smith.

The ball-tampering bans have certainly weakened the Australian team and the recent results, across all formats, tell us the story.

However, India’s vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane doesn’t want to take Tim Paine’s men lightly and, in fact, believes Australia are still the favourites to win the four-match series, starting December 6 at Adelaide Oval.

Rahane was keen to throw the pressure of expectation back on the hosts and scoffed when he was asked whether Australia would be ripe for the picking.

“Not really. I feel that any team that plays at home, they feel really good, and I feel that Australia are still the favourites to win the series,” Rahane told the reporters in Adelaide.

“We are not going to take them lightly at all. Yes, they (will) miss Steve Smith and David Warner but I don’t think they are vulnerable.

“You see their bowling attack, they’ve got a really good bowling attack, and I think to win Test matches, you need to have a really good bowling attack. So I feel that Australia are really still the favourites.”

Embedded video

Although not quite reaching the heights of captain Virat Kohli’s 692 runs, Rahane had a good tour the last time India visited Australia in 2014-15 with 399 runs at an average of 57.

India still lost the series 2-0, however, and the 30-year-old suggested the players had learned the importance of contributing to the team effort on that trip.

“When you do well as a team, you feel really good,” he added.

“This is a team sport… and it is the job of each and every batsman to contribute for the team. And I think it’s important that we get those long partnerships together, in Australia that will really help us a lot.”

‘Mitchell Johnson was really going after Virat Kohli”

Rahane and Kohli did that in the Boxing Day Test on the last tour, putting together a fourth-wicket stand of 262 in India’s first innings with scores of 147 and 169 respectively while illustrating their different approaches to the game.

“Last time here, we really enjoyed batting together a lot, especially at the MCG,” Rahane recalled.

“Mitchell Johnson was really going after Virat Kohli and I was at the other end playing my game. Virat at the other end was really aggressive and going after bowlers.

“I was able to focus on my game, I still attacked but I was completely the opposite to Virat.”


India vs Australia Test Series 2018


2.0 box office collection Day 5

2.0,2.0 box office,Rajinikanth
2.0 box office collection after five days of release is Rs 111 crore for the Hindi version.

Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s big budget film 2.0 continues to hold its ground even on the weekdays. 2.0’s producers claimed that the film has already made Rs 400 crores in gross worldwide collection in the first weekend, with its dubbed Hindi version earning Rs 111 crore in five days. 2.0’s Hindi version earned Rs 13. 75 crore on its first Monday, as reported by

The film is set to become Akshay’s highest earning film despite his wonderful box office record previously. Trade analyst Taran Adarsh too shared the box office figures of the film and tweeted, “#2Point0 cruises past ₹ 100 cr mark on Day 5 [Mon]… Will emerge Akshay Kumar’s highest grosser *before* Week 1 concludes… Thu 20.25 cr, Fri 18 cr, Sat 25 cr, Sun 34 cr, Mon 13.75 cr. Total: ₹ 111 cr. India biz. Note: HINDI version.”

cruises past ₹ 100 cr mark on Day 5 [Mon]… Will emerge Akshay Kumar’s highest grosser *before* Week 1 concludes… Thu 20.25 cr, Fri 18 cr, Sat 25 cr, Sun 34 cr, Mon 13.75 cr. Total: ₹ 111 cr. India biz. Note: HINDI version.

He also tweeted, “After packing an impressive total in its *extended* opening weekend, #2Point0 stays SUPER-STRONG on the crucial Mon… Collecting double digits on a working day [Mon] – without enhanced ticket rates – indicates it has stamina to perform well on weekdays. Note: HINDI version.”
After packing an impressive total in its *extended* opening weekend, stays SUPER-STRONG on the crucial Mon… Collecting double digits on a working day [Mon] – without enhanced ticket rates – indicates it has stamina to perform well on weekdays. Note: HINDI version.
A day before, trade tracker Ramesh Bala had shared the worldwide figures of the film. He had tweeted, “#2Point0 4 Days WW BO: (Opening Weekend) Gross: #India – ₹ 298 Crs Overseas – ₹ 105 Crs Total – ₹ 403 Crs.”
4 Days WW BO: (Opening Weekend)

Gross: – ₹ 298 Crs

Overseas – ₹ 105 Crs

Total – ₹ 403 Crs

2.0 had opened at a whopping Rs 64 crore (all languages) on a Thursday with 2.0 (Hindi) opening at Rs 20 crore nett. According to a report in Bollywood Hungama, the makers have already made deals worth Rs 370 crore in satellite rights, digital rights and more. Directed by Shankar, 2.0 is made on an estimated budget of around Rs 550 crore. Rajinikanth has a double role in the film: Dr Vaseegaran and the robot Chitti while Akshay plays the antagonist and Amy Jackson is the female lead. The film has collected positive reviews for its solid 3D, great Atmos sound and special effects.

As expected, the box office numbers of Rajinikanth starrer 2.0’s Hindi version picked up on Sunday. The film earned Rs 24 crore to take the four-day weekend total to Rs 95 crore.

Directed by Shankar, 2.0 also stars Akshay Kumar as the antagonist Pakshi Raja. It is a sequel to 2010 film Enthiran. Rajinikanth reprises the role of scientist Vaseegaran and the robot Chitti.

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh posted the latest box office figures on his Twitter account. He said, “#2Point0 puts up a SUPERB TOTAL in its *extended* opening weekend… Biz on Day 3 and Day 4 specifically was fantastic… Thu 19.50 cr, Fri 17.50 cr, Sat 24 cr, Sun 34 cr. Total: ₹ 95 cr. India biz. Note: HINDI version.”

In another tweet, he wrote, “While #2Point0 nears ₹ 100 cr mark after an impressive *extended* opening weekend, the real test for the film begins from today [Mon] onwards… It will be interesting to see how it fares on weekdays… Mon to Thu – the weekdays – are crucial.”

2.0 received mixed critical reviews. The Indian Express film critic Shubhra Gupta gave the film 2 stars. She wrote, “The real film kicks in post-interval, with the appearance of Akshay’s Pakshiraja, a good man turned bad, out of fear and justifiable anger. The Bird Man will do anything to save his feathery friends, even if it means killing and smashing his way through buildings and cell towers and people who like their hand-sets.”

She added, “Akshay brings some much-required energy to the movie, as well as some moving moments, before he and his glittery gold eyes get encased in metal. By then it’s just a question of how much Shankar will crank it up in the climax. He does, but somehow, none of it sticks after an initial shock-and-awe flash.”

Globally, too, 2.0 is making waves. It has grossed over Rs 400 crore worldwide. This is just the beginning, and before its theatrical run ends, we might see many more records being broken.


2.0 Box Office Collection Day 5

2.0 Hindi Box Office Collection

Rockstar Releases Red Dead Online

Players are loving virtually everything about Red Dead Online so far, except for its economy. Basically, as it stands, you either need to play an INSANE amount of the game — or more conveniently spend money — to get new weapons, items, upgrades, etc. And as a result, players are not happy and are pitchforking across the Interent.

That said, until Rockstar Games addresses the issues with the mode’s economy — if it ever does — you’re going to need some ways to earn money beyond treasure maps and the more limited content that grants considerable rewards.

Luckily, there are other great alternatives that don’t involve slaughtering every turkey you see from now until next year. However, all are grindy. There are unfortunately no get rich quick glitches (so stop clicking on those) — but these two in particular might be the best and most effective methods discovered yet.

So, what you will want to do is complete the six main story missions, which will get you to level 8, but more importantly deal out up to $450 and 0.7 gold bars (amount depends on how much you fast travel). Once this is done, you can continue on to level 10 so you can complete the treasure map that unlocks then and grants you $100 and a random amount of gold, or you can restart your character.

Once you’re ready to restart your character, press start, head over to “Player” and delete your character. Just like in GTA Online, once you create a new character, all money will transfer over.

This method can be done as many times as you want. In other words, you can farm it to make money pretty quickly. Doing this for about three hours deals out about $400-500 and about 1.5 gold. A pretty good return, albeit a grindy one.

There’s a few buildings north of Little Creek river in West Elizabeth (see video below for exact location). In one of these buildings is a cabinet with two random items that vary, though usually they are of the more expensive mold. Thus, great for farming. Once you’ve collected the two items, you’re going to want pause and go to the “Online” section, and then click “Free Roam.” Once you do this, you’ll load back up basically right next to the house, and can do the looting all over again until you’re satchel is full. Once full, head over to the nearest fence.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more news and coverage on the critically-acclaimed open-world western, click here.

‘Red Dead Online’ Could Cost Rockstar A Billion Dollars If It Doesn’t Fix Its Economy Quickly

Red Dead OnlineROCKSTAR

Yesterday, I laid out two personal problems I have with Red Dead Online, an empty map and a bad power fantasy, but there’s one larger, over-arching issue that everyone seems to have with Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode: the economy.

Everyone assumed that there would be some measure of grind in Red Dead Online, following in the footsteps of GTA Online. But the end result is something that’s way, way worse than most players would have anticipated.

The entire economy seems broken to the point where it’s hard to know what Rockstar was thinking releasing it in this state. I mean I know what they were thinking. By making a two-tiered currency with cash and gold bars, the bars will eventually be sold in the store as shortcuts to pretty much everything, including many of the best outfits/horses/weapons in the game.

The problem is that the earn rate for both types of currency is painfullyslow. A “good” mission will give you about a $4-5 payout and maybe 0.01-0.02 of a gold bar. I’ve played for maybe 20 hours or so and have not even earned a single gold bar, and while I have a few hundred dollars in cash, once the game just suddenly dumped about $250 in my account suspiciously, perhaps in an effort to get me to whine less. But here I am whining anyway. It’s just not a good system.

Red Dead OnlineROCKSTAR

The prices of items right now are ludicrous. Every weapon is priced so high that it will likely take you several dozen or a hundred hours just to farm for one. And that’s paying with cash, as the earn rate of gold bars is so low that I can’t imagine how long it would take you to earn enough to pay for any of the items that cost 20/30/40 gold.

You earn far, far less money in Red Dead Online than you do in the campaign, and everything costs the same or even more. A score might get you $50-100 in RDR2, and most corpses gave me anywhere from $2-4 when looted to as much as $20. Compare that to $3-5 mission payouts in RDO and corpses that give you 9 cents if you’re lucky.

I get that not everything can be exactly the same across the two modes so there was bound to be some sort of adjustment. And yet what is here is bad, and feels much worse than GTA Online. You’re charged unavoidable upkeep fees for maintaining your camp and stables. There are less sources for money. You can’t rob stores, for instance, and you barely get any loot to sell. The loot you do get exemplifies the price goofiness even more. You can sell a gold wedding ring for less than it costs to buy a can of beans at the store. You can spend $9.50 on a horse reviver, two full mission payouts, or you can buy horse insurance for 5 gold bars which would take uh, like close to a hundred hours to earn? What is going on here?

The problem Rockstar faces is that if the open beta now draws in millions of players who bought Red Dead Redemption 2, the current state of the economy may end up turning them off from the outset. And that’s a serious problem if they’re looking to replicate the success of GTA Online, a mode that according to analysts has made Rockstar over $1 billion in revenue since launch through its microtransactions alone, helping to turn GTA V into the golden goose it’s been since launch. Starting off on the wrong foot could turn off countless players who are uninterested in a grind this unrewarding, and what could have been a cash cow will turn into a rotting steer carcass in the desert rather quickly. Rockstar needs to fix its pricing immediately, and explain exactly how gold bars are going to be priced in the in-game store so players can judge if that’s remotely fair or balanced as well. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and even if some are saying “well it’s just a beta,” in this day and age, you will rarely find a beta all that different from final release, as they’re mostly used and promotional teases and stress tests. And with something like Red Dead Online, it’s not clear exactly how long this “beta” will go, and when it will shift into a full release. There is no end date for this beta in sight like you see with many other early tests.

GTA Online players and critics have always debated its economy, but clearly things ended up working well enough to make that mode a hit. But even longtime GTA Online players are looking at Red Dead Online with disdain because of its current state. Even if you are trying to attract mainly high-spending whales with this kind of pricing, I do think the economy plays into another issues the game has that I mentioned yesterday, the fact that there really isn’t a great pool of stuff to grind for/spend cash on compared to the supercars and superweapons of GTA Online. Mildly faster horses and slightly better guns are just not that enthralling, and they certainly don’t seem worth the thousands of hours of grinding the game demands for them.

Something has to change, and fast, or Rockstar risks losing a healthy playerbase for this mode before it even gets off the ground. I’ve reached to Rockstar for comment about the current state of the economy and future microtransactions, and will update if I hear back.


Red Dead Online : How To Make Money Online ?

Red Dead Online Could Cost Rockstar A Billion Dollars