`I am wrong! ‘- Bangladesh bench of Pakistan to apologize for No-Ball controversy

Bangladesh batsman Tanvir Ahmad has apologized that he has declared his mistake in the third T20 match between Bangladesh and West Indies.

The Third T20 match between Bangladesh and West Indies was held at Dhaka on 22nd. The West Indies team won the series 2-1 in the match, scoring Bangladesh by 50 runs. West Indies scored 191 runs targeted by Bangladesh, with only 140 runs in 20 overs to be played.

While Bangladesh was bat in the match, Oshan Thomas of West Indies was bowled by the 4th ODI of the innings. The 5th ball of the over was declared by the field referee Tanvir Ahmad No-Ball. But it was evident that Thomas never threw in the TV remix. After the announcement of the ICC rule, no ball could be withdrawn, so it was the environment to declare the next ball as free hit. Ozine Thomas hit the next ball to Sigor.

West Indies captain Pradewoid was involved in a debate after the wrong decision of the team. The third umpire, match referee, Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan convinced Pradvowit. So, after a little bit of break, competition started.

Speaking to reporters after the match, West Indies captain Pradvidey expressed his deep concern over the performance of the field riders and could not believe such incidents. Likewise, on the one-day series, the field arbitrators would be able to take advantage of a team. As the matter has created controversy, Dinesh Ahmad has apologized for it.

Dinesh admits that he has already done wrong in the series. According to him, West Indies batsman of Insight Eck had announced that he had been stripped of LBW in the second T20 tournament. He also acknowledged that No Ball had already announced a mistake in the fourth over in the third T20 match.

Tawheer Ahmad added, “As for the no-milk affair, the lines are close together, and it is likely that there will be a mistake. As the bowler jumps fast, it is difficult to predict no milk. Since I am new to international cricket, I have failed. I will come back from that mistake. ”

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