7 Best Outdoor Toys to Keep Kids Busy and Energetic in 2017

Keeping kids active and outside during the summer months means making sure that they have fun toys to enjoy. There are a huge number of options when it comes to options but these are some of the best outdoor toys available today. If your kids don’t seem to have good outdoor options, look into getting some of these outdoor door options.

1. Outdoor Hook-A-Duck

If your child likes to play pretend fishing, then this is the right game for them. This toy consists of a small inflatable poo, six floating ducks, and two fishing rods. The ducks all have a small circle on their backs that your child can hook with their fishing rods. This is a great choice for small children and the floating ducks are fun and easy to set up and clean up!

2. Tumbling Timbers Block Play Seat

If your kids like to play Jenga, then you’ll definitely want to invest in this version of the game. Instead of the small blocks, this game is a set of large, lightweight blocks that’s easy to set up and great for kids and teenagers. The game also comes with a carrying case so you can take it on trips. It’s great for backyards, but be sure to take this game along with you on beach trips.

3. Roller Skates

We all had a set of roller skates growing up and these fun skates remain popular. Unlike roller blades which can be harder to navigate, the skates are easier for kids to use and also come in a huge range of colors and styles. Look for ones that have adjustable sizing for growth spurts so they can use them for a few years. It’s also a good idea to get ones that have a rubber-toe stopper for safety. Kids love playing in the driveway or other paved areas and skating around.

4. Glow-In-The-Dark Lawn Darts

Great for families, you’ve probably played ring-toss or horseshoe before. These lawn darts are great for playing outdoor when it starts to get dark and they’ll glow brightly. This toy comes with a set of glowing rings. Set them around the lawn and then use the darts to get as close as possible. You’ll see who has the best aim. They can also be used in daytime hours, but are especially fun when playing in low light. Kids can play this by themselves or you can break into teams and have tournaments and challenges.

5. Sketching Art Blobz

If you don’t have much of a sidewalk and your kids love making chalk masterpieces, then this fun game is right for your family. This water-filled blanket can be placed on the grass and comes with sketches that you can color in with included erasable crayons. There’s also plenty of empty space for kids who like to make their own sketches. What makes this blanket especially fun is the built-in holes that squirt arches of water. Perfect on a hot summer day, use this fun game that’s not as harsh as concrete and your kids will love it!

6. Shootin’ Hoops Junior Basketball Set

If you have an aspiring athlete in the family, then you’ll want to try out this fun mini basketball set for your kids. The set comes with a hoop and stand that that can be adjusted as kids grow. Your kids will love this summer slam dunk. It’s great to have this toy available for spring, summer, and fall months. The game is easy to set up and great for beginners.

7. Sizzle and Smoke BBQ Grill

Nothing says summer like cooking outside and now your child can get a taste of the action! This fun toy grill is pretend but comes with all the tools that they’ll need to cook up their own cookout. The plastic grill even makes realistic sound and comes with plastic food and barbeque sauce so they can feel like they’re the outdoor chef. Great for younger kids, they’re perfect for the aspiring chef and sturdy for outdoor play.

These outdoor toy options offer a variety of options for kids to enjoy the outdoors. These toys are unique options that you may not notice at first. However, there’s a little something here for all sorts of kids depending on their play preferences. If you’re looking for toy options, check out one of these for your family.

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