Top 5 Baby Bassinets Review

In the first weeks of your baby, having a bassinet to place your baby in is more convenient. In the recent years, the bassinet industry has undergone amazing changes.

From being a simple baby bed, the bassinet gained new features. Examples of these are wheel installations, vibration mode, side to side swivel and many more.

Babies outgrow these bassinets quickly but that’s not to say that they don’t do a great job. These amazing invention is a parent’s perfect partner in keeping the little baby asleep.

Here we take a look at the top five best baby bassinets that work great in helping parents around the world. These are arranged in no particular order.

1. Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

This bassinet is a favorite among mothers as it has features the best functions. It literally does it all. It has co-sleeper option, an adjustable base, a night light , soothing vibrations, feeding timer, sleep sounds, rotation and swiveling option to keep your baby close, ventilating sides made of mesh, built from the best quality and many more.

One mother reviewed the product as being perfect for her C-section as the bassinet did not require her to get up to be able to access her baby.

The basinnet’s side wall is capable of being lowered to a height where your baby can lie down the same level as you. The product’s feet fits snuggly to the side and under of the bed. Certified by the CJ Foundation, this bassinet is one of the safest products that can be used as an alternative to bed sharing thus reducing the risk of SIDS.

2. Babybjorn Gentle Rocking Cradle

Considered as the most elegant and stylish baby bassinet in the market. It fits right in the furniture with its sleek design.

This bassinet features a natural lightweight suspension system that can rock on its own and it does it in response to your baby’s movements. It is a bestseller with its breathable sides made from mesh, lightweight feature, and built from tested and safe materials. Its mattress is of superb quality and comfort.

3. Chico Lullago Travel Crib

Mostly known as a travel crib, this bassinet is very easy to transport since it has a lightweight material. For road trips, the product comes with a large bag that can be used to slung the crib over your shoulder or just place it in the trunk. By using quality light weight materials, and soft fabric, the bassinet can be washed with ease.

Assembling the bassinet is easy. With just a snap of the legs and unfolding of the basket, you’ll be good to go.

For high functionality and practicality, this bassinet is great for both traveling and keeping your baby safe and secure.

4. Graco Dream Suite

What makes this baby bassinet unique is its capability of being a 2 in 1 bassinet and changing table. It provides convenience. With just one flip, you now have yourself a changing table. When your baby outgrows his or her bassinet, it can still be used as a changing table which is awesome. You get to save more.

Well-built and sturdy, this bassinet has a storage area in the bottom. Plus, it has locking wheels.

5. Summer Infant Bentwood Bassinet

What sets this product from the rest are its vibration and music features. You also have an adjustable speed for its rocking motion that will put your baby to sleep in a matter of minutes! This bassinet uses 4 C Size Batteries.

These are the top baby bassinets that we have seen in the market so far. With amazing features and add-ons, these bassinets are perfect for lulling your baby to sleep.