6 Best travel pillows review

6 of the Best Inflatable Travel Pillows You Ought to Consider When Traveling

When traveling, your body may be subjected to varying conditions contrary to what it is accustomed to including different contours, seating positions, and surfaces. This situation can make your traveling experience quite awful to the point of causing neck pain. With that said, no one wants or wishes to arrive at their destination of choice with a painful neck coupled with a sense of body stiffness. If such a traveling experience is anything to go by, then this calls for action such as a carrying a good travel pillow.

A travel pillow is one of the sure ways of adding comfort to your journey regardless of whether you are traveling by train, car or airplane. It allows you to provide support to the desired part of your body including lumbar, neck or head. Since the market offers numerous types of travel pillows, picking one that complements your traveling needs can be quite a hassle. Nonetheless, here are some of the best travel pillows to choose from in a bid get to your destination refreshed as if you never left home.

Therm-a-Rest Lumbar Pillow

This pillow eliminates the hassles associated with picking between a good neck pillow and an inflatable one. Mainly the reason is that the Therm-a-Rest Lumbar Pillow belongs to both worlds. This means that you can indeed receive the adjustability associated with an inflatable pillow coupled up with the steady support offered by foam. The self-inflating pillow with pressure mapping technology gets rid of the need to blow it up. With the center region being made up of die-cut foam, you can use the pillow to provide the much-deserved support where you need it aside from just the lumbar.

ONWEGO Inflatable Travel Pillow

Most inflatable travel pillows are prone to losing their firmness over some time. However, the ONWEGO Inflatable pillow has managed to stand out against its counterparts thanks to its no leak valve. This incredible feature helps to maintain the pillow’s level of inflation or firmness throughout the duration of use. Aside from requiring limited effort to inflate or deflate, the ONWEGO pillow can be attached easily to the head rest of your seat, be it on a plane, car or even train. Additionally, its use is flexible in that it can also be used to support the lower back when traveling.


The Travelrest travel pillow is the ultimate airplane inflatable travel pillow on the market today. Its design plays a significant role in supporting both the neck and head, an attribute that makes it ideal for long-distance flights. To stop it from moving out of place, the Travelrest can easily be attached to your seatbelt or chair. When it comes to compactness, you can rest assured that this travel pillow is not only easy to blow up and deflate but also folds up for the most compact storage.

Daydreamer Travel Neck Pillow for neck pain

The Daydreamer pillow is one of the unique inflatable pillows on the market, especially because you do not require blowing it up before use. It is accompanied by a one-touch button, which when pressed auto inflates or deflates depending on your needs. In case the pillow is too firm, you can use the same button to release some of the air for a more comfortable rest. Moreover, its flat back prevents your head from being pushed forward while the M-shape helps to add more support to your head.

Samsonite Inflatable Travel Pillow

The Samsonite pillow provides the desired comfort and support for your back, your upper shoulders and the sides of our neck. Aside from taking a little time to inflate and deflate, the pillow comes with a pillow case that protects it from damage. The Samsonite pillow is ideal for short haul flights and its easy to deflate aspect makes it a suitable choice for traveling.

Eagle Creek Travel Gear Cat Nap Transit Pillow

Apart from being an easy-to-use pillow, the Eagle Creek pillow is highly quick to inflate or deflate. These attributes make it an ideal choice to carry around when traveling. Since you can adjust the level of inflation, you can use this pillow for different purposes including supporting your lumbar, head and even neck. Additionally, if you require a footrest, the Eagle Creek Travel Gear Cat Nap Transit Pillow got you covered.

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