Top 5 Easy Spring Vegetables You can Start now

Top 5 Easy Spring Vegetables You can Start now

Spring is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate its coming. Then to plant some vegetables in your garden. Spring is one of the best times to start gardening because the temperature is just right. And you can set up a weed barrier for your vegetables to help them grow.

To help you prepare for the upcoming spring season. We’ve listed the top five easiest vegetables to grow during this season. So go grab your notebooks as we will tackle some of the tips and tricks on how to grow these vegetables.

1.     Lettuce

It’s not a salad without lettuce! The first easy to grow vegetable on our list is the lettuce. Spring is the best time to grow lettuce because the soil is fertile and moist. Growing lettuce in this season will not be a problem for most gardeners. Because the weather condition is in their favor.

Some tips that you might want to consider when growing lettuce this spring is to add more fertilizer. A week before you start sowing your lettuce seeds, you’ll need to prepare the bed. And to prepare the bed, you can add some extra fertilizer into the mix.

The additional soil will help the lettuce seeds sprout. As the extra fertilizer will affect the germination process of the seeds. Another tip that you might want to consider is that. You can sow the seeds close together and put up a weed barrier to protect your plants. This will allow you to harvest faster because of their close proximity to each other.

2.     Kale

Another easy to grow spring vegetable is the Kale. Kale, much like lettuce has grown in demand over the past few years due to its nutrients. There’s a love and hate relationship when it comes eating kale. Because it might look like your regular green leafy vegetable. But the taste is entirely different.

Some tips that you might want to consider when growing kale in your garden is that it regularly needs water. This means that you’ll need to make irrigation for your kale if you want it to grow healthy and nutritious. Phosphorus and potassium also help in the growth of kale.

Another tip is that you can grow kale even before spring starts. This means that if you start planting before the spring season starts. You could already begin to harvest mid-season. You’ll know when your kale is ready to harvest when the leaves of the plant are as big as your palms.

3.     Radishes

If you want a fast-growing crop that you can grow a month before spring starts. Then radishes might be what you’re looking for. Radishes are easy to grow and they grow faster than any crop during spring. This plant shouldn’t be a problem for you to grow because of its minimum standards.

Some tips that you might want to consider. If you want to grow radishes is that it should have quality fertilizer.  Radishes rely on nothing more than the soil it grows on. You should take note, however, that when you want to grow radishes. Always leave spaces between each other and build a weed barrier to keep the weeds away.

Radish can be harvested as early as one month after you’ve planted the crop. If you plant it one month before the spring season starts. You could already harvest it while other is just beginning to plant. Radishes also go well with other plants, just remember to give it a lot of sunlight when growing it.

4.     Peas

Pea varieties are easy to grow during springtime. Because they enjoy growing in the cool weather. If you want to have fun or educate the children about planting. Then snow peas might be what you’re looking for. Peas are excellent starting plants as they are easy to grow and fast to harvest.

Some tips that you might want to consider when growing peas is that the growth of the pea depends on its variety. There are different varieties of peas that you can grow in your garden. And depending on that variety, it takes about a month for one stem of the pea to harvest.

Peas could either grow as crawling vines or small bushes. So depending on what you’ll plant, always remember to be prepared. Erect some support if you’ll grow vine type peas. And make spaces for bush-type peas for a fast and easy harvest. Last note is that remember to soak the seeds first before you plant them.

5.     Carrots

Finally, the last crop on our list is the carrot. You might be wondering why are carrots on this list. And the answer to that is simple, carrots can tolerate cold weather. Early spring could still be very cold considering winter had just ended. And what better way to celebrate the end of winter than to plant carrots.

Some tips that you might want to consider when growing carrots is that they should get good sunlight. Carrots are mostly resistant to various types of plant diseases. But growing them also requires some minimal effort. Don’t slack off just because the crop is easy to grow. It will still wither if you don’t take care of it properly.

Carrots don’t need much fertilizer but if you happen to have some extra feel free to mix some. Growing carrots with other vegetables is a perfect combination of a healthy diet. When everything is ready to harvest, you’ll find yourself in a vegetable salad heaven.


There are a lot more vegetables that you can grow during the spring season. This list is not limited to or exclusively to spring grown crops. This is because the crops in our list could still be grown on other seasons. The only difference is that these crops are easy to grow during the spring season.

So be creative and explore new possibilities in gardening. Spring is just around the corner so be prepared and get your game face on. Prepare everything that you need and be ready because spring is going to be a busy season for us gardeners.

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